My Wishlist for the Future

I’m am waiting for the following developments and contributing in any way that I can to their fruition:


  • All languages to converge toward a Lisp-like language
  • Trillion-fold increase in computer processing power
  • Superhuman-level artificial general intelligence
  • Human mind uploads
  • Indefinite human lifespans


  • Dissolution of all international borders
  • Fully distributed, internet-like, free-market, and non-invasive economy, with multiple distributed-ledger based currencies
  • Consolidation of all taxes, including income tax, sales tax, gas tax, local taxes, and property taxes into a single, monthly bill, at the local level
  • Completely open government process that collects and incorporates feedback from citizens, uses revision control, and uses open-source software to automate all aspects of government
  • Replacement of all government-issued business licenses (including medical licenses, legal licenses, engineering licenses, education licenses, and driving licenses) with commercial rating systems as well as legal and enforcement systems that can encourage honesty and deter wrongdoers
  • 1 year sunset on all regulations

I fully expect all of these developments to happen in my lifetime. They will bring tremendous wealth, health, equality, meaning, and worthiness to all of humanity.

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