128-Character Perl Prime Number Finder

Falicon told me about people that were posting programs of less than 140 characters to Twitter. I found this fascinating for some reason and I've created my own such program, a Prime Number Finder, in Perl. This program will spit out all the prime numbers in a given range. Plus, it's rather efficient for such a small Perl program. To run it, you can save the code to a file called primes.pl and then run it like this:

perl primes.pl 200 300


print join("\n",grep{$_==2?1:$_<2||!($_%2)?0:do{for($b=1,$a=3;$a<sqrt$_+1;$a+=2){do{$b=0;last}if!($_%$a)}$b}}(shift..shift)),"\n"

The program is exactly 128 characters long. Can you help me make it smaller and faster?